Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Day with the Father!!

What would a day with the Father be like? If I could have a real day with just me and my Father above what would it be like? The first thing I would do would be fall on my face with tears and tell Him just how much I love Him for all He has done. Dying on the cross for me first off so that I have a future in Heaven. But also for being my Father all of my life, His leading kept me on the right track most of the time, if I had not had Him I have some idea of what my life would have been like and it would not have been good. 

My life was blessed growing up with His love. Some of the things I went through as a child if I had not had a father in Heaven to hold onto I would have fallen through the cracks and burned like others I know, but God always gave me just who I needed in my life to bring me closer to Him every day. He was my Father. 

There are so many questions that I would like to ask Him, but the big question in my heart is "When are you coming for us?" I am so ready with my health and life to just go home and be held by my Heavenly Father. I hope we can be like five year old children at times and just curl up safe in our fathers arms. That was something I did not have growing up, Nana had to tell my father that I wanted held or talked to his mind was always on other things. So I would love that security of being held because I have never had that. 

 This is my desire for Heaven, all children of God, our beloved pets with us and Christ. I am not one of these people that want to be in control of anything, just spend my day loving God and praising Him in Heaven and on the new earth. I loved working at camps when I was growing up, so I would not mind something like that, but I am so tired of responsibility and deadlines and worlds of business. To just be free to love would be amazing. 

Can you imagine being with your Compassion children, to know each one of them on a friendship level. When I got to meet my girls last year it was a little like that to me. They held onto me with a clingy desire to be loved by me and just be held, to me that spoke of what I wanted of my Father, just to sit on His lap and hold on. It was such a blessing to spend the day with my six girls loving and playing with them, to spend a free day with God like that would be wonderful. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Other Sponsorships!!

This one will be short and sweet because i did not get involved in these girls lives because I did not want to care like I did with Edilia. I missed out so much on these precious lives as I look back now, but at the time I knew I wanted to be supporting and writing an answer when they wrote and just did not go for the relationship. I am sorry now. 

Next I was given automatically Jensy from Honduras when Edilia left in 2006, Jensy then left the program that same year, I did not even get any letters from her, not sure if she received mine. By that time I was gun shy about getting involved in their lives, and chose to focus only on my nieces. She was so cute too, I do not have a reason for her leaving the program. 

The next two girls I am not sure who came first and or last. I have one letter from Neylin that I have but I got sick with my Lupus and had to move back to live with my mom, was not able to work and had to drop one of the girls. That happened to me twice, with Neylin and with Katherine. I had a rough few years with my Lupus where I was soooooo sick and wanted to do more but just could not. Neylin and Katherine were both from Colombia. 

Here is Neylin, I had her while I was doing well and working at the store here in town. It was important for me to be supporting someone even if I was not so involved. I did write to Neylin and had a bit of a relationship but did not put my heart into it like I did before. 

Here is Neylin the photo she had before she left the program in 2014, She is gone and I am not able to find out how she is, but at least I know she was in the program and had a sponsor for the years that I was sick and had to let her go. 

Last is sweet Katherine, here are her photos, she is still in the program and I have a note on her account now that if she loses her sponsor or needs to be corresponded with she would come to me. It would be fun to get her back, but I hope she is safe and happy with her sponsor that she has now. 

 These are her 2011 photo .. 2013 photo and the last one with short hair is her 2015 photo. I loved being able to see her and how she is growing .. I love this sweet child too. 

Those are all the girls that I have had that I know of, Now I have as of today 110 beautiful girls in my Compassion family, I cannot imagine life without them and writing to them monthly, these are the greatest treasures that God has given me in years. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Edilia Gonzalez The Start of My Compassion Life!!

My very first girl was Edilia, I was just starting with my job at Microsoft in 2001 and wanted to do something helpful. I honestly do not remember how I found Compassion, but Edilia looked so much like my little cousin that just moved and was from Honduras so I decided to support Edilia. She was so cute reminded me of my little cousin I missed. 

I had fun writing to her, but had no idea that I could send things and do some extras, back then there was no online and fun with others either. I reread the letters we wrote over the years and had tears in my eyes. I still miss her so much, I was her sponsor until she got better circumstances 2001-2006. This is her 2001 photo where I found her and started loving on her. 


This photo is the front cover of Edilia's notebook with all her letters to and from in it. You have her 2001 photo first. Then an updated photo of her Christmas play in 2002 .. and last on this page is her updated photo for June 2003. 

This is the main photo page I started and added to for the first three photos, for some reason I do not have her newer photos put into the album. I know I moved in 2004 and was living down by my 5 nieces, and they took up all my time so I was not scrap booking during that time. The girls and a full time job at T-Mobile took up all my time. 

 Her 2004 updated photo was so bad, it was hard to tell it was really her. What a sad photo of my sweet girl. I loved hearing from her and used to write back to her in Spanish too, I had a friend at Microsoft that used to help me with it, but when I switched to T-Mobile I had no Spanish friends to help me.

She was in a parade in 2005 and she sent me this photo of her in her uniform, I was so proud of her and blessed by that sweet girl. I still miss her greatly, and wonder where and how she is, in 2006 she left the program because her mom got married and her circumstances were better. 

This was the updated photo for 2006 .. She is so grown up from the little girl that I found and started supporting. I did not get involved in the lives of my other girls because I had my nieces staying with me every weekend and during the week some and I was totally involved in all their sports and gymnastics, I did not want to get close to any other girls. 

I pray for her all the time and miss her greatly. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Fun!!

Hello friends and family we are having a wonderful time at the ocean this week, but I am not getting any of my book done, it was so sunny and nice the first few days that we were not sitting around but outside enjoying the salty sea air. 

We got to stop in Seaside, or Gerheart actually and visit my cousin Virginia for a while on Sunday the 31st. Virginia and I keep in touch writing back and forth all the time, so it was so fun to actually get to see her and spend some time. On the way home we are going to spend time with an Aunt in Eugene too. It has been a good trip around the state visiting people we have not seen in ages. 

So during the time I was inside I was working on post cards to all my girls. That is a lot of postcards, I now have 109 girls, I will be finished in five more girls. I will be writing to 114 girls, that is the girls that will fit in my prayer books and will be the end of my Compassion Family. You can see my girls if you go to the top of the page and click on Compassion Girls and they are all there to meet. I love each one of these precious lives. I love writing letters to my girls. 

I am going to try to keep up on this by sharing some of the awesome things my girls share and also telling you about each of my girls. I am so excited to share my ministry and girls. 

The rain has been flowing down the sky all day today so we have been in watching every movie of Jaws made, LOL .. That is a good set of movies to watch while you are at the coast. Hehehe!! I know we are so weird but that is us, you know just before I go on a cruise I love to watch all the cruise crashing movies too. LOL 

OK, back to my movies, take care and have a great day. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Homeward Bound!!

Well Mary's surgery went wonderfully. We should be going home on Sunday. I love visiting but I really love going home to my own home. It has been a long few days trying to play with kids a little and make up decisions in my own life. Everything has been a crazy jumble of mess inside again .. so going home is a good thing .. I really just want God to come back and bring us home to Heaven. 

OK, quick note may add more later. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Praise the Lord!!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that Mary had her surgery and it was the easy surgery so she will not have much weight and restrictions after it. We will be here another couple days and then come home. YEAH!! I am ready to be home again. I love to visit but I love to be home too. 

I now have 50 girls that I write to through Compassion Intl. I am so happy to have these precious lives in my life and be able to share Jesus and His love with these blessings. They are so precious. I cannot wait to get home and get any letters that came while I was gone. I hate being away from the post office now, I usually have a couple letters a week now so I wish I could forward them where ever I am when I leave .. LOL 

We are enjoying our Bible study but with everything I have to do now only one study at a time from now on. These two different books to study and lead and keep straight is hard to do. So I will go down to one Bible study at a time. I thought where they were both the same study just different books they would be easy to do together but they both take time to do and time is not something I have a lot of anymore. LOL!!

You can meet my girls by clicking at the top of the page on the link for "My Compassion Girls"!! They are so precious and I love each one of these lives. 

Talk laters, 

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Compassion Girls to Love - Studies & Life!!

I was gone sick for a few months so have not posted all the new girls here, but they are on the page at the top of the screen if you are interested in my beautiful girls. This is about all I know what to talk about any more as they are my sweet girls. I am spending my free time writing to the girls. I now have 26 girls to write to and spend time getting to know. I have decided that I am going to do a story letter typed and with pictures once a month, and then write long hand to each girl a small note with stickers and special things, then write long hand when I get a letter from them and online once in a while to them for something special like the first snow letter I did after it snowed.

This year I have started the devotional "Quest" by Dr. David Jeremiah. It is a great pick me up right in the morning when I get up and have my first cuppa tea. Just a little short devotional to start me out. 

Then I am doing "Lord is it Warfare, Teach Me to Stand" by Kay Arthur with a small group so it has daily studies that we have to get done to talk about when we get together with Renada. And last a weekly one day study "Spiritual Warfare" by Dr. David Jeremiah that just takes a while once a week and we have that with my ladies Bible study I lead on Thursday nights. So my cup runeth over .. as I have four books to read during this study as well. 

Also my love for crocheting is back, I have been working on Valentines outfits for the mini's this month and then next month it will be St. Patties day outfits then on to Easter, the big fancy dress I did was a big hit and it is going like crazy but takes me so much longer to do as that skirt goes on for ever, I would not want to do an 18 inch dress like that out of the crochet thread, it would take me a week or so .. lol 

Well I think that is enough rambling away for tonight. Hope you are all having a wonderful new year, so far it has started out great with four girls from Kenya, what could be better than that??